Video Terms & Conditions -

Video Terms & Conditions


  • 1. Each clip is less than 30 seconds
  • 2. Single location filming within a 15km radius of the CBD
  • 3. We will allow a maximum of 30 minutes per clip onsite, time over this will incur an additional cost of $135+GST per hour
  • 4. The camera will be in a fixed position located on a tripod
  • 5. We will not be responsible for any noise pollution
  • 6. The film will be shot using a Canon 6D with a 50mm Prime lens using a Rhode sound mic
  • 7. The script is only a guide
  • 8. The post production method will be utilising Final Cut Pro & Adobe After Effects

For best results

  • Please read the scripts or send it to your client
  • Preparation
  • 1. The area of filming
  • 2. Will need to be well naturally lighted
  • 3. Not echoing
  • 4. No other noises or distractions
  • 5. Have room to move
  • Emotion
  • 1. Preparation is important and should have seen the scripts
  • 2. Do hair and makeup well before filming
  • 3. Everyone should remain calm, enjoy the process & have fun

Your testimonial 

  • 1. Call in advance to ensure you don’t pay for time you’re waiting for the client
  • 2. Make sure they are in neat attire
  • 3. Preferably avoiding pin strip