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I am Corie Dawson

Everyone needs a purpose, I’m a man driven on helping others. Without giving you have nothing. I have personally met, learned from, mentored by and worked with the worlds best. My goal is to shake the industry on it’s head and serve my clients and staff with honesty, integrity and support everyone around me. My approach is holistic, I understand all digital disciplines and how to apply them in the business world. I come from a business background, not a digital background. If you’re a business owner or decision maker I speak the language of business not digital.


I guarantee you will find me refreshing, I am focused on helping you create sales not pretty pictures. Yet my websites are stunningly beautiful. Clients love me because I do my absolute best to explain things and always try my best to deliver sustainable outcomes. I’m all about long-term relationships and challenging myself to over promise and over deliver. I have personally contributed to increasing sales for over 1000 companies in the last 3 years.

My company has over 100 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook combined. My track record is insignificant compared with what I will achieve by 2021.
Put me to the test and be my inspiration to keep me growing for you, the client.
You could say I’m old school muscle meets new school hustle.


Here’s what I believe in

Please don’t mistake my persistence for superior intellect. We are all born with muscles, some choose to exercise them. The brain is a muscle without limitations with infinite power.
Please don’t mistake my reality for being humble. I wasn’t a fast learner, I am a persistent learner. While others got it fast, I persisted until I became a fast learner with persistence. I am ruthlessly persistent.
Please don’t mistake success for anything other than substituting what others want to do for what I love doing. Choices you make today are the foundations for the future.
Please don’t mistake my success for luck. I only found success because I persisted through all the set backs which gave me the education required to dominate the future. Dominate your passion with gratefulness.

Rubbing shoulders with the worlds best

Corie Dawson with Grant Cardone

If you don’t know who Grant is, he is a self-made… everything. Just some of his accomplishments include : 1. Owning & operating four companies 2. A real estate portfolio nearing $1B 3. Writing for the New York Times 4. Becoming a best-selling author, media personality, award-winning speaker, & 5. Establishing the Grant Cardone Sales University! Corie was even lucky enough to have dinner with his Grant and his lovely wife where he was able to pick Grant’s brain.

Corie Dawson & his wife with Brad Lea

Continuing on with the educational tour in the US at conventions, our Director Corie and his lovely wife Kirsten met with sales training superstar entrepreneur Brad Lea ( Brad dropped out of school at 16 and moved to Los Angeles with the big American dream of becoming a movie star; but after 6 months he instead turned his focus to selling cars, vacuums and artwork. While working in car sales in the 1990s, Brad developed his own presentation called The Real Deal. This presentation was revolutionary, leading him to a touring with a company around the US. After some time, Brad discovered working for a touring company reduced his training’s effectiveness, and he decided to step out and start his own training company, LightSpeed VT ( Faced with his own challenges, Brad started out selling his training program door-to-door. After 6 difficult months, he changed his approach to selling the program online; a visionary move for the time (2000). The rest is history! Given his passion for sales, training people and development, you can just imagine Corie’s excitement of meeting Brad. During their time together Brad shared some key lessons in sales and business that he has picked up over time. Corie is now looking forward to sharing what he learnt from Brad with both the Marketing Sweet team and our clients.

Corie Dawson & his wife with Roddy Chong

Our Director Corie Dawson’s (right) tour of US conferences continues, where he and his lovely wife Kirsten (left) met one of the world’s greatest violinists and motivational speakers, Roddy Chong (middle). In an otherwise very traditional industry, Roddy made a name for himself by going against the grain and creating a product no one had ever seen before; a truly unique and captivating violin style (check the video in the comments to see what we mean!!). It’s this level of innovation the entire Marketing Sweet team strives for every single day. Musical talents aside, Roddy’s inspiring story of overcoming the odds is proof a vision, hard work and persistence pay off. While early in his career violinist jobs were scarce, Roddy’s unwavering persistence and self-belief have seen him personally performed for the President of the United States, Queen Elizabeth II, the Pope, Oprah, Celine Dion, and countless others! If there’s anything we learned from Roddy, it’s this: there will always be new challenges just around the corner. It’s how you respond to those challenges that determine your long-term success. Thank you once again for sharing your time with Corie, Roddy!


Big shout out to Albert Preciado, founder of The Mortgage Guy, whom Corie had the pleasure of meeting with while in the US recently.

Albert’s story is impressive, with his ability to learn and relearn helping define his business success.

Like Corie, Albert started his operation by dreaming big and acting on it; now he owns the hottest and most respected mortgage group in West Hollywood.

We’re excited to see Albert and see his business grow internationally!

Click to learn more about The Mortgage Guy


Over the past fortnight, our Director Corie Dawson has attended multiple conferences in the US with some of the world’s most impressive & driven individuals in business. Today he was honoured to spend time meeting Andy Audate (

This highly driven and motivated young man is quickly showing everyone he’s a power to be reckoned with in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Andy started out by working 40-hour weeks on minimum wage while simultaneously studying full-time. Now he runs his own mobile phone dealership, is a published author, and a motivational speaker… all by the age of 22!! His contagious ambition, drive, and willingness to go the extra mile to hit his goals draws parallels to Corie’s backstory and is a quality the entire Marketing Sweet share.

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Perhaps most impressive is that Andy has now trained under and collaborated with world-renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown. If you’ve got someone like Les Brown standing in your corner, you know you’re doing something right!!!

Thanks for taking the time to share stories with Corie, Andy! We’re looking forward to seeing your name up in big lights very soon!!!

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