Corie Dawson -

Corie Dawson


Hi, my name is Corie

I’m 35 and I love helping clients and I haven’t even warmed up yet. I am fiercely ambitious and I want to change the web industry for the better. I have personally contributed to increasing sales for over 600 companies in the last 2.5 years. My company has over 100 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook combined. My track record is insignificant compared with what I will achieve by 2021.
World, I hope you’re ready to meet me.


Here’s what I believe in

Please don’t mistake my persistence for superior intellect. We are all born with muscles, some choose to exercise them. The brain is a muscle without limitations with infinite power.
Please don’t mistake my reality for being humble. I wasn’t a fast learner, I am a persistent leaner. While others got it fast, I persisted until I became a fast learner with persistence. I am ruthlessly persistent.
Please don’t mistake success for anything other than substituting what others want to do for what I love doing. Choices you make today are the foundations for the future.
Please don’t mistake my success for luck. I only found success because I persisted through all the set backs which gave me the education required to dominate the future. Dominate your passion with gratefulness.

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